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In 2009 Grow & Know developed and disseminated an initial 16,000 copies of "Growth and Changes", a book aimed at empowering and teaching 10-14 year old girls about their changing bodies. The book was an immediate success, with the Tanzania Ministry of Education approving the book for its primary school curriculum. To date, over 470,000 copies have been distributed with support from the Nike Foundation, UNFPA, UNICEF and various NGO's.
News about Tanzania Girl's Book

In 2011, we conducted participatory research with boys in Tanzania, with the aim of developing a boy's puberty book for 10-14 year old boys. The Tanzania boy's puberty book was published in 2013, with 15,000 copies distributed through various NGO's. The book is currently under review by the Ministry of Education, with UNICEF ordering 150,000 copies to distribute in 2015.


Ghana, Ethiopia and Cambodia

We conducted participatory research with adolescent girls to adapt the girl's puberty book to Ghana, Ethiopia and Cambodia. All three books have been approved by the Ministries of Education in their respective countries, with almost 300,000 copies distributed. Scale up continues of the three girls' books, while in Cambodia, we conducted the research to develop a Cambodia boy's puberty book which is now under review by the Ministry of Education.

Pakistan and Madagascar

Research is underway in Pakistan and Madagascar to develop girl's puberty books, expected to be completed in 2016.

Photo Gallery:

Girls and boys in action in Ghana, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Tanzania and Madagascar.





“If possible, these books must be spread to villages all over Tanzania because the books are good for all girls.”

  •  teacher in rural Tanzania